Monday, March 18, 2013

Bow Down to Ms. "Humble"?

I remember the first time I read a magazine interview/article about Beyonce years ago (I tried to find it, but then realized how much time I was wasting so I stopped). The writer took great pains to speak about how humble she was and  I believe there was a direct quote from Beyonce herself saying she was "humble." I recall wondering if it was even necessary to tell someone how humble you are, if you are indeed "humble." I was turned off by that and the rest of the article and haven't been a huge fan of her ever since. 
Don't get me wrong, I love SOME of the music, especially the early Destiny's Child stuff, but some of her lyrics are just weird. That's how popular music is anyway, you can talk/sing about almost anything, just put some great beats and music to it and you've got a hit - which is one reason why there are so many females running around referring to themselves and every other female as b__s. 
Which brings me to the my motivation for writing today. Apparently Queen (or King I'm not sure how she's referring to herself at this point) B has decided to drop the humble act and go ahead and let all of us know where we stand in her world: (click here to hear it for yourself)
"I know when you were little girls / You dreamt of being in my world/Don’t forget it / Respect that / Bow down, b—s."
I guess she told us. 
"I heard your boo was talkin' lip, I told my crew to smack that trick."
"I didn't ___ your girl, but your sister was alright."

Call me a hater if you want, but I have no respect for this woman deciding to go backwards - this is something she should have released as a juvenile. As a 30-something new mother, one would expect her judgment to have gotten better. She has always talked about empowering women/girls, etc... Guess what, this is not empowering. This is just like every other raggedy song you hear now that has something negative to say about women. It seems that all she is doing is falling into the trend and following her husband's lead. 
I tried to believe that she was really this great person and maybe the reason why I was annoyed by her was because she seemed to have it all and perhaps I was just jealous. Now she has reaffirmed that my aversion to her was not a simple case of envy, there was something under the surface that was bugging me and I just couldn't pinpoint it. Now, she's brought it right up to the surface. 
I'm not bowing down, I'm just done. 


  1. I absolutely agree - your blog is right on point. I am saddened that she feels the need to go backwards instead of forward - to dis-empower,rather than empower, women. Well written!


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