Tuesday, November 15, 2011

True to Me

This is the first post of my honest blog. The goal? To be honest and to just be me. I have tried a few other blogs: My journey through Christianitymy natural hair journey, and, my journey from quitting my full time job to work at home. It seems like I'm always on some type of journey right? :-) Well, I think I have come to a convergence of sorts and it's time to just journey through being me.
I used to be afraid to do a totally open, honest, emotional-at-times blog for a number of reasons through the years. These included fear of being stalked, fear of hurting someone's feelings, fear of information being used against me in a court of law, fear of being fired, and fear of repercussions when I become famous one day.  Well, guess what? I'm letting go of fear. If you're reading this and you hate me, good! If you're reading this and you find my life, my "journeys" helpful, even better! This blog is here to be an outward, public expression of me.  Come view my tribulations (hopefully there won't be many) and my triumphs and take something away. This is an open invitation to walk with me on my journey.
I'm excited, my heart is thumping, my fingers are racing and I'm ready to go, ready to be, honestly, Natalie!

Something I learned today (and ended up correcting in this post): Space Invaders

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